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Sicarii part 1
Ben Corbin lost his parents then his uncle and clues to the man responsible take him to the small town of Spencer. While Ben is determined to get justice for the murder of his family, he finds himself drawn to Jacob Moser, an ex-prostitute with ties to the killer.

Jacob Moser owes his life to Marcel Serghi. A man forged into a killer under the most brutal conditions. A man who saved him when no one else would.

Ben and Jacob, two men from completely different worlds, who have no idea how much they need each other until a killer brings them together.

Sicarii part 2
Ben Corbin has been swept up in a vicious game of revenge. A pawn to be sacrificed in a life or death game of chess.

In order to survive, Ben must make a deal with the devil, Marcel Serghi.

A mistake from Jacob’s past is brought into the game. And it could cost Jacob more than his pride.

It could cost him Ben.

Ben and Jacob, two men from completely different worlds, who have no idea how much they need each other until a killer brings them together.

Sicarii part 3
Marcel Serghi lives by the rules of his House Sicarii where he was honed into the perfect killer; merciless, emotionless, incapable of remorse.

Jacob Moser has always had undying loyalty to Marcel for saving his life.
Until Ben.

Now Jacob must make a choice, to love or live. Because breaking a vow with Marcel means returning what he gifted Jacob.

A chance to live.

Ben and Jacob, two men from completely different worlds, who have no idea how much they need each other until a killer brings them together

A nude man invades Luca Suarez's home and protects him from creatures who cannot exist.
Creatures hunting him. 
The stranger can't tell Luca why. He can't even tell Luca his name. 
He remembers nothing until the moment he sees Luca.

The only hint Luca has to the stranger's identity is a tattoo on his wrist: N o X

Nox doesn't know who he is, but he's sure of three things, his memory loss is temporary, the monsters chasing Luca are called Anubis, and his Alpha, Koda, sent Nox to protect him.

There's just one problem… Koda is Luca's brother who was murdered five years ago.

With each passing hour, Nox fills in the pieces painting an impossible truth. And with each passing hour, both men find themselves unexplainably attracted to each other.

Something Luca is willing to embrace because he has nothing left to lose.

And one Nox can't let happen because it could get Luca killed.

Nox is a HEA/HFN m/m paranormal, science-fiction romance.
But be warned, these are NOT the shifters you are used to reading about.

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August Vallory had it all. A modeling career, a man he loved, and the extended family he’d acquired in the business. Then the world he knew was torn away when the plane he was on crashed en route to a photo shoot.

Lost in the Alaskan wilderness, August doesn’t stand a chance.

No sane man would choose to live in the Alaskan bush unless he had something to hide. And Keegan Brooks has secrets darker than night, more dangerous than wolves, more brutal than an Alaskan winter.

Every day was a fight for his life until he stumbled upon a downed plane with a lone survivor. Now it’s no longer just Keegan’s life teetering on the edge of survival.

It’s his heart.

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It’s been almost two years since Keegan and August escaped the Alaskan wilderness, and they finally get to celebrate their very first Christmas together.

But their plans for peace and quiet get turned upside down when Santa leaves more than just presents under the tree.

This will be a stand-alone story, so if you haven't read WILD yet (and why haven't you!?) you can still enjoy this little slice of life with Keegan, August, and Daisy.
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For years Grant Kessler has smuggled goods from one end of the world to the next. When business turns in a direction Grant isn’t willing to follow he decides to retire and by all appearances, he settles down in a nowhere town called Durstrand. But his real plan is to wait a few years and let the FBI lose interest, then move on to the distant coastal life he’s always dreamed of. Severely autistic, Morgan cannot look people in the eye, tell left from right, and has uncontrolled tics. Yet he’s beaten every obstacle life has thrown his way. And when Grant Kessler moves into town Morgan isn’t a bit shy in letting the man know how much he wants him. While the attraction is mutual, Grant pushes Morgan away. Like the rest of the world, he can’t see past Morgan’s odd behaviors. Then Morgan shows Grant how light lets you see but it also leaves you blind. And once Grant opens his eyes, he loses his heart to the beautiful enigma of a man who changes the course of his life.
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Andrew Atler has learned the hard way, fiction is far better than real life. In his romance novels, the world is safe, predictable, and there is always a happy ending. Best of all, he can safely fall in love and the person will never know. There he can weave a tale of perfect passion plus pay the bills.

Matt Grim flies the colors of Hell’s Legion. When he’s not riding his chopper, he’s working as a bouncer for the Six. Matt’s life consists of drinking, playing in a band, and burning the midnight oil in the dungeon. He lives hard, plays hard, and rides even harder.

Two people who would never be a part of the same EPIC love story.

But sometimes those fairy tale clichés have a way of working magic.

And sometimes…sometimes those happy endings do come true. 

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My sister Julia manipulated my life into a prison to keep me silent about our dirty family secret. Her greed made me a slave and circumstance left me with no way to escape. Trapped, the only way I could silence the nightmares driving me to insanity was to wrap them in color, hold them with shadow, and stitch them to negative space with lines. But no matter how bright the pigments, no one could see my confession. Except for Roy Callahan.

I thought he was just another nameless one-night stand in a long line of many.
But I was wrong. Roy could see past the façade of my life and through the veil color over the canvas. He could see what the world couldn’t.

And with him, I’d find the courage to tell the truth about the boy.

The boy who kissed me.
The boy who loved me.
The boy whose name I couldn’t remember.

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The My Brother's Keeper Trilogy
The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground.
Infecting those it touches.

Exploiting their darkness.

Consuming their souls.

It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil.

And it wants out.

Book One: The First Three Rules
Marshal Jon Foster lost his purpose and his sanity the day he saw the image of his dead brother. The distraction saved Jon’s life but cost the lives of innocent people including his best friend and partner. It was a price for survival Jon couldn’t live with and was sure he’d never understand.
Driven by grief and guilt he tried to escape his past by fleeing to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Only instead of peace, the memories festered.
Then the offer of a stick of gum from a stranger changes Jon’s life and puts him on a road out of the nightmare he’s trapped in.

Ellis Harper has lived the past twenty years isolated from the outside world and sole caretaker for his mentally disabled brother, Rudy. While Ellis loves his brother, he longs for a life he’ll never be able to have.
Shut away, his days consist of chores, endless cartoons, and games of Go Fish. A world that seemed to have no end until an innocent misunderstanding turns Ellis and his brother into a target for a town bully.
It’s a fight Ellis can never win on his own but thanks to a chance meeting with a stranger, he doesn’t have to.

What begins as a new journey in love for both men quickly unfolds into something neither of them could have ever imagined.

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Book Two: Rule Four and Five 
A new chance at life comes in many forms: For Jon, it’s a family made with Ellis and his brother Rudy. For Ellis, it’s Jon, who has brought the outside world into the protective life he’s built for his mentally disabled brother.

Together they have discovered true happiness and what it means to be loved.

Then one perfect disaster after the other pushes Jon’s resolve to its limit and Ellis over the edge. If they have any chance of saving what they’ve built both men must face their deepest fears.

It’s a test Jon thought he’d already passed and one Ellis never imagined he’d have to face. The journey will forever change who they are and redefine who they were meant to be.

It has to happen.
And all things happen for a reason.

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Book Three: The Final Rule 

Ellis and Jon need answers.
What is there to understand?
Why does it have to happen?
And what reason could ever justify losing those you love?

If only there was a simple answer. But the more questions they ask, the farther they must travel into the darkness and the things they see are not human, or even possible.
They are, in fact, Big and Terrible.

The plague is rising in Gilford. To stop it from spreading Ellis will have to embrace his destiny and Jon will have to let him go. Both men must be willing to lose everything in order to save the innocent.

It is, after all, rule number six
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Bound Gods Series

Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an* underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his son and Kaleb finds himself thrown into a world where a class of men see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.

After the Great Economic Collapse, there are no laws that cannot be broken. And Kaleb is forced into a ten-year sentence of servitude where he will have no say, no rights, no value and yet be coveted and protected as if he were a priceless treasure.

Leo Roan, has slipped the noose the Association bound him with by breaking his addiction to ambrosia and Kaleb Holten was supposed to be his last assignment as a doxie Master. But something about the boy begins weaving a new net that will not only ensnare him but the conscious darkness inside, that craves pain, agony, suffering, and death.
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Leo has been sent on a mission to find a missing doxie. And after weeks at Leo’s side, Kaleb is suddenly alone. Free of the cruelty the Chimera, he should be rejoicing. But instead, he becomes aware of a void in his heart, he never knew was there until Leo wasn’t there to fill it. When Leo returns Kaleb is faced with the choice of disobeying Leo—forcing him to take ambrosia—or risk losing him forever.

With a single flower, Leo is back under the control of the Association. And what kind of punishment is suitable for a doxie who disobeys his Master, even though it saves his life? Leo has a list of ideas, starting with Kaleb’s first visit to a Gathering.

At the Gathering of the gods, doxies, and mortal men, Kaleb first lays eyes on Aaron. The beautiful doxie is presented by the god Sol. There he will be fed the ambrosia, Awakened to his journey of immortality, and then serve his god, Sol, for all to see. Only the horror of Aaron’s treatment by Sol makes Kaleb realize monsters come in many forms.

And not all of them hunt doxies.

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The stakes are rising.
As the god-son closes in leaving more bodies in its wake, treason and betrayal against the Association are unveiled. An inquiry for the Goddesses has been called, threatening everything Leo holds dear.

And the Chimera is not about to let go without a fight.

Despite the dangers lurking in the shadows, Leo wants his doxie Kaleb to think of only one thing. Him. His training. His purpose. And embrace the reality of what he is and not be ashamed of his attraction to Aaron, the doxie tossed aside by Sol.

Attraction is one thing. Bringing the boy to their bed is something else entirely. Kaleb can’t possibly want anyone but Leo. A lie Kaleb will pay dearly for. Penance Leo will be more than happy to deliver.

But penance for a lie will pale in comparison to what Kaleb must do to keep Sol from taking Aaron away and invoking the Chimera into a lifetime in chains.

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Leo promised to keep Aaron and Kaleb forever. Yet he’s left them with nothing more than a note with instructions to obey the commands of another god? A god who has the key to Kaleb’s collar. A god who will tell them nothing about what’s happened to Leo or where he’s gone. 
Kaleb and Aaron both fear the worst. That Leo has not abandoned them but left them because he won’t be coming back. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he can’t.

Too many have died and the god-son is growing stronger. With no way for any god to track it, Leo has only one choice left. Fight fire with fire.

Or in this case Chimera against Chimera.

The problem is Leo has always maintained control of the beast within him. Using its natural senses to do what no other can. In order to stand a chance at tracking and killing the god-son Leo must give the Chimera within complete control.

And the Chimera might not let him return if he does.
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For a god, what could be closer to heaven than living in a safe haven like Sanctuary, with an endless supply of ambrosia, delivered by the beautiful bodies of the Doxies in Alton’s harem?

But unlike the majority of the gods in Sanctuary who are less than human, Cerberus isn’t exotic or fantastical. His appearance, his…habits…have become the horror stories whispered on the lips of Doxies.

And while Cerberus might be immortal, his pride is not indestructible. Seeing the love of a Doxie for a monster like the Chimera, shatters it.

A chance encounter with an undocumented Doxie named Owen begins to transform Cerberus’s life. At least until Alton removes Owen from Cerberus’s care, banning the god from training the boy—to protect him from Cerberus’s animal nature.

In reality, Alton's motives are far more frightening. And the truth could kill Cerberus and Owen both.

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The Claiming: Book Six in the Bound Gods Series. This is NOT a stand alone book.

What begins as a day of celebration, the Claiming of two Doxies to a single god, transforms into a spiraling path of cataclysmic change.

Hearts will break.

Friendships will shatter.

And betrayal to those closest to the heart of the Association is only a small price to pay for the protection of the gods’ most precious possessions…


Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger to book Seven.

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This is a part of an ongoing series and not a stand-alone book. Reading these books out of order isn’t advised.
****Purgatory is where gods go to die, imprisoned for their violent crimes, sentenced to never see the light of day again. Trapped within the stone catacombs are impossible, dangerous, barely human gods.

Gods of legend.

And with the potent ambrosia Aaron produces, those gods might soon walk free. If they do, blood will rain and hell will be unleashed.


Trigger Warning: This product contains nuts.

Oh, and it’s the second half of a three-part installment and ends on a ditchhanger.

Or maybe even a gullyhanger.

But definitely, nothing nerve wrenching enough to qualify as a cliffhanger.

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There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Doxie, and at the same time, there is nothing more fragile.

And when it breaks?

The shards cut deep, and the wound never heals.

Just when you thought the betrayal couldn’t go any deeper, it reaches all the way to Purgatory.

Warning: The ending of this installment is HFN but abrupt. And this timeline will not pick up until Bound Gods 10 which is where all the storylines merge for the final apocalyptic battle for the survival of the Doxies.
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Marud is a god of legend.

He has destroyed empires, erased entire civilizations, crushed armies of millions.

No man, woman, or child is safe from his wrath.

No god or monster.

He is an unstoppable force.

A god who kneels to no one.

At least until Jessie Collins became a part of his life

This book is an "end for now". The timeline begins before book 6 and ends after book 8. It will meet up with the timeline of those books in books 10. The Stone God contains lots of side information that occurred in books 6-8 that only make sense when applied to this particular story. But it will also help you understand some of the motives of certain characters in those past books as well.

Again, this isn't the final story. You're just getting a different perspective of that downward spiral into hell. As well as a lot of information that you will need to understand the next installment.

Trigger warning: About 100 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. 

Side effects may include, sore jaw, sitting crooked, not sitting at all, pain when swallowing, back pain, knee pain, muscle cramps,

sleepiness, staying up all night reading, and disturbing thoughts. Use care when operating battery-powered devices. 

Proceed with caution.

And a lot of lubricant.
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Her Highest Honor has one last chance to save her son.
A creature who could rain destruction down on the world.
A beast all gods fear.
A Titan.
And all she needs is a god who is not a god.
A god who loves as a Doxie.
A god with a heart of fire.
It's the kind of story legends are made from.
There's only one problem.
It's all a lie.
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Jinx is a young god trying to survive the economic collapse that has altered the modern world. His gift, his genetic advantage, is what separates him from the average human. While his talents give him a survivor's edge, immortality can only be guaranteed by the nectar of the ambrosia flower. Ira is a Doxie, a young man born with the ability to produce ambrosia nectar once he consumes the flower. Like any Doxie, he wants nothing more than to serve the gods, and give them the ambrosia that makes them immortal. And if he's really lucky, he will be loved by the god who eventually claims him.
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*Re-edited and re-released.*
Indigo Black is Palet: a human cursed with the ability to see the Demonic, trained to hunt and kill them. Since the peace Covenant was implemented by the Church, Palet have not been allowed to seek out the Demonic. And the one time Indigo challenged the Covenant nearly cost him the life of his lover and guardian angel, Ariel. Indigo was forced to watch Ariel suffer. They broke his wings and cast him out of Heaven, and the burden of that guilt has cost Indigo everything.

But now the rules are changing. The Demonic have broken the Covenant by creating a creature that should not exist: a Nephilim with a human soul who can withstand being possessed by the most dangerous members of the Demonic Parliament.

With the rise in power of the Demonic, Indigo must face the darkest battles of his life: one which will decide the fate of mankind, and another which will decide the fate of his heart.

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Charlie Harrington not only speaks with the dead and sees the dead, he can give them form. Lucky for him, because the love of his life, Ethan, is dead. Charlie helps Ethan possess complete strangers so Ethan can use their bodies for sex.

Things are good between them until Charlie is accused of murder and Detective Daniel Briggs walks into his life. For the first time in years, Charlie is attracted to someone who is living. Ethan knows he should step aside and let Charlie live his life, but he just can’t give Charlie up–even if staying with Charlie eventually may eventually kill him.
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A past that won’t let go…

After losing his job, Chase Sarim finds himself living in a shit hole apartment. His new neighbor calls himself Seven, wears aluminum hats and carries around a ceramic rooster. He also seems to know what Chase is going to do or say before it happens, and talks about people named, Nine, Three, and Four.

Chase knows better than to get involved with someone like that.

But some men are just to hot to resist.

A future of fear…

Seven has been running for his life ever since he escaped Sub-Floor. In order to elude those hunting him he can never have a home, never have friends and love? It’s nothing but a weakness that can be used against him.

Hiding had become a way of life. Until Chase.

Greed, power, and corruption…

Dr. David Stone knows Seven has a secret. Why else would his colleague, Dr. Radcliff, help Seven escape Sub-Floor? It wasn’t the loss of a defective precog that bothered Stone, it was the fact Radcliff was willing to die to keep Stone from knowing why he did it. Or better yet, how.

Two men, one love, brought together by a series of impossible circumstances and destined by fate for an entangled future.

But maybe fate has nothing to do with it.

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Thirteen: Part One
Quinn Farlin’s life just went from the frying pan into the fire.

All because he made one stupid mistake: he fell in love. Then he was left behind by the love of his life as payment for her freedom. Now Quinn lives as a slave to the Kent Family Empire; counterfeiting, money, paintings, rare coins, and anything else to keep his knees intact and his heart beating.

There seems to be no way out until one night a fireball falls from the sky and a mysterious voice on the phone saves his life. All the stranger asks in return is help for a friend.

A friend with scars down his spine. A tattoo of the number 13 on the back of his neck. A friend who upon meeting Quinn can read his mind and watches him with adoration.

And while Quinn is convinced he’s still in love with the woman who left him, his heart has other plans.

Now it’s just a matter of staying alive; a task easier said than done, since nothing is what it seems to be, and the world he’s always known just fell down the rabbit hole.

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Thirteen: Part Two
Quinn no longer knows up from down, left from right, as the rules of the world blur.
He can’t even trust the ache in his heart.
Is it for the love he lost or a love trying to form?

As the X Variable closes in, the fabric of reality begins to unravel. There is only one thing Quinn knows for sure, Thirteen is in danger.

No longer tell who is friend and who is foe, Quinn comes to realize
he can either save himself or the Other who says he loves Quinn...Thirteen.

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City of Dragons World: The Gray Zone
My name is Darwin De Groi and I’m in love with Peter Forbes. For years I lived in pain, watching Peter but never having him. Then Peter learned he wasn’t going to be Human anymore—he was going to become Lesser-Bred. In Atlanta, dragon-Human hybrids kind of go along with the scenery, so for me Peter losing his humanness was no big deal. After all, I now had Pete and my world was perfect.

Or so I thought.

I mean, I knew love wouldn’t be a walk in the park, but seriously—top secret metaphysical experiments, underground Lesser-Bred societies, government contracts? And Peter in the middle of it all? I guess it just goes to prove that finding love isn’t about catching the man of your dreams, it’s about dealing with his deep, dark, inhuman secrets.

And not getting killed—and eaten—in the process.

Five-part novella series to be read in order: PAIN, SECRETS, PROMISES, LOST, FOUND

Contains dirty humor, raunchy m/m sex, and snark.

Darwin's Theory is a collection of 5 stories: Pain, Secrets, Promises, Lost, Found
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Pain Secrets Promises Lost Found 

As a child, Adam’s mother brought him to the Gray Zone, the no man's land between the crumbling city and the Dens where the Kin—the Dragons—and Lesser-Breds-their mixed-blood-offspring—live.

One day he would change, becoming one of the monsters and she knew fear and prejudice would drive people to do horrible things... Like a father slaughtering his family.

Adam escaped his father’s wrath by fleeing the Zone. After testifying against the man for the murder of his mother, he returned to the only place he’d ever known as home to wait for his humanness to disappear and to search for his best friend and only love, Ean.

Ean has lived within Gray Zone and among the Dragons since he was born. And while he is as feral as any of the monsters, he’s also Human. Long ago he promised to keep Adam safe, to make him his. Since Ean is only Human he must rely on the Male Batu to help him keep Adam and feed him as he changes.

But Love is a Human emotion and Dragons only keep what they value and Batu plans on making Ean belong so he has no use for a Lesser-Bred.

Ean refuses to lose Adam again, even if it means defying Batu and risking his place at the Male’s side and quite possible his life as Adam undergoes the metaphysical changes that will make him Lesser-Bred.

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The Gray Zone is a no man’s land between Atlanta and the Dens. In this forgotten section of the city, roam Kin—dragons—and their mixed bred offspring, Lesser-Breds. There are no rules in the Zone, and even the most unwanted people in society are welcome.

Liam has been doing whatever it takes to keep his two brothers, Chris, and Kevin, safe from his stepfather. He’s never known kindness. He’s never known what it’s like to be desired. Only used. Then he meets Jericho, a Lesser-Bred living in the Gray Zone.

Only the attraction Liam feels isn’t normal and he soon learns he’s about to enter the first stages of the Shift. The time when his Humanness is wiped away and sleeping Kin genetics take over.

As if things couldn’t be dangerous enough, Liam’s stepfather goes behind his back and sells Chris into the flesh trade to pay his debts.

Now in order to get the money needed to buy back Chris’s freedom, Liam faces sacrificing the life of the only person who’d ever shown him true kindness.

And possibly the only person who can save him as he becomes one of the inhuman.

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Taylor Simmons has everything a guy could want: a nice apartment, a great job, and Joey Martin, his perfect geek boyfriend. But then Joey gets sick and the fever burning him up is caused by metaphysical changes taking place in his body. Joey is changing. He's not going to be human anymore. He's Becoming Lesser-Bred.

The inhuman genes lying dormant in Joey's body have awakened and Taylor, who has always taken care of Joey, can't even begin to fulfill his needs. Joey needs to feed. And that means he needs others like himself. In order to keep Joey safe and to meet his needs, Taylor must allow Joey to be taken into the Gray Zone; the no-mans-land between the city of Atlanta and the Dens, where Kin--Dragons--roam the deserted streets and be kept by the Male Kin Pavel and fed by the Lesser-Bred Gabriel.

Because of the prejudice against the inhuman, Taylor is stripped of his job and his cushy apartment. But Taylor loves Joey and is determined to stay by his side, through better or worse.
And things definitely get worse as Taylor learns the darkest secrets in the nightmare world of the Gray Zone, where monsters roam the streets feeding on flesh and blood and humans are nothing but food.

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Living with Humans is never easy. They don’t do scent exchange, they don’t lick palms, and they have this thing called “personal space”. As the first and only Kin Agent for the Center of Folk and Kin Relations, Haley Night’s job is to help keep the public safe by helping keep the peace. After an interview with serial man-eater Niles Fury goes terribly wrong, Haley finds herself in a race against time to stop a madman's plot to destroy all Kin. It’s a journey that will put to the test everything she thought she knew: Kin have no God. Survive at all costs. And love is only a Human emotion. Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia… City of Dragons…

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As the first and only Female Kin to work for the Center of Folk and Kin Relations, Haley Night’s job is to keep Humans safe. A difficult job when fear and hate fuel the prejudice so many Humans have for her people.

When longtime friend and colleague Orin an eight-hundred-year-old Male working for the Ancient Histories Department at the University of Georgia, finds himself accused of murder, Haley goes to help.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Orin-how he doesn’t like to be touched, how he doesn’t feed from his own-but Haley knows for a fact Orin is not the kind of Male who would harm a Human, and she is determined to prove his innocence.

But Orin has a secret. A deep, dark, violent secret that centuries ago lay waste to Africa in the hands of the most powerful and deadly Queen to ever roam the earth-a power that the Queen of Athens will do anything to possess.

And should the Queen of Athens succeed in marking Orin, taking claim to him, Medan the Queen of Atlanta has promised to destroy her, even if it means nothing will be left of Athens but a smoldering hole in the earth.


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Union, Georgia. 1971. Born in the wrong body Jack finds himself lost and trapped in a town where he feels out of place. Acceptance – or even tolerance – doesn’t exist in Union, or within his family. When Jack attempts suicide following his mother’s death, Jack’s sister Emma has him committed to Meadow Field Psychiatric Hospital, where they continue to try and change him, convince him that how he feels and who he is, is wrong.
But in this most unlikely place, among the most unlikely friends and unspeakable fear, Jack learns that all acts have consequences, some things cannot be changed, and love isn’t defined by the body it comes in.

Non-erotic, love story, transgender discovery

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