Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New Cover Reveal: Chained: Bound Gods #2

I am replacing some of the earlier Bound Gods covers so all the books match the painted ones I created for the last few books. Here is the new Chained: Bound Gods #2.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

New Bound Gods mini-comic: Chimea Kittens

I am creating another humorous Doxie mini-comic. The first one was "Chimera Christmas." You can read the uncensored version at any patron tier.

"Chimera Kittens" is going to be longer but with lots of Leo/Kaleb NSFW times. 
$3 and up patrons will get uncensored pages (one to two a week). 
$1 patrons will get censored pages. Once the comic is finished all patrons will have access to the uncensored PDF copy. 

Sneak peek: here is page 1
Poor Kaleb had a hard night...wonder why? Leo...what did you do?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

NOX at 40 reviews!

Wow! Nox has 40 reviews—39 5 stars and one 4 stars (poor person was surprised by at how dark it was). 

If you haven't left a review yet please do...the magic number is 50 get more visibility on Amazon. Word of mouth is the only way my books get noticed so thank you for all the love for Nox and Luca.

free on KU

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

NOX is #1 New Release in LGBT Science fiction

Thank you to everyone who bought and reviewed NOX.
Continue to tell your friends. Nox and Luca's story does not have to end, there is so much more story to tell.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Nox by Adrienne Wiilder in now available on Amazon

Adrienne Wilder's newest release NOX is now available on amazon K.U.
1by Adrienne Wilder
April 3, 2019
A nude man invades Luca Suarez's home and protects him from creatures who cannot exist. 
Creatures hunting him. 
The stranger can't tell Luca why. He can't even tell Luca his name. 
He remembers nothing until the moment he sees Luca.
The only hint Luca has to the stranger's identity is a tattoo on his wrist: N o X

Nox doesn't know who he is, but he's sure of three things, his memory loss is temporary, the monsters chasing Luca are called Anubis, and his Alpha, Koda, sent Nox to protect him.

There's just one problem… Koda is Luca's brother who was murdered five years ago.

With each passing hour, Nox fills in the pieces painting an impossible truth. And with each passing hour, both men find themselves unexplainably attracted to each other.

Something Luca is willing to embrace because he has nothing left to lose.
And one Nox can't let happen because it could get Luca killed.

Nox is a HEA/HFN m/m paranormal, science-fiction romance.

But be warned, these are NOT the shifters you are used to reading about.

Monday, April 1, 2019

NoX release date!

April 3, 2019
NoX is now available to $5 and up patrons!

In two days everyone else will be able to buy it on Amazon!

RULES: no spoilers please :) I set up a FB event where people can talk about it and ask questions.