Saturday, November 11, 2017

You asked for it...a WILD short story that isn't so short.

People loved Keegan and August (and Daisy) in WILD but many of you wanted more. You wanted to see them enjoying themselves (in more ways than one).

My plan was to write a short story about time in their Virgina home. But if you know my books, short is not something I do well. The short story has turned into a 20K novella. I am gonna get cavities from all this mushy, mushy, squishy, sweetness. This is SO not my comfort zone. I just want you to know I'm only doing this because I love my fans. HAHAHAHA

Right now it is tentatively called "63 Days Later". Some of you out there will get the significance of that particular number. If you do...please don't spoil it.

The story is written, but I need to do the revisions. I am shooting for a December release to coincide with a WILD book tour.

If you have a blog and interested in being part of the blog tour contact my assistant sstogner1 at gmail dot com to get on the list.

Thanks again to all my fans. You make it worth it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Secret Project Revealed!

I'm considering doing Bound Gods in a graphic novel.

HOWEVER---I am having difficulty finding an artist. One...the material being *cough* dubious and two...the "feel" of the story in the figures. If anyone out there knows of an artist that can do sequential art (comic book cell style) with a mix of American manga but in a dark theme, please pass the word. 

This will be a paying job. I am not asking anyone to work for free. If you're a reader and can do this kind of artwork, even better. :)
Anyhow...please pass the word. Right now I'm taking up sample art from people who have shown me a portfolio with art that resembles what I'm looking for. For those who have the right style/artwork I am paying for a sketch of a character to see how well they can take instructions.

Photo credit: RestrictedData via VisualHunt /  CC BY

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Stories I'm working on now.

Thought I'd let you know what books I'm working on now.

The Darkest Hour (30% done)
Jeff and Felix's story. You met Jeff in In the Absence of Light and Felix was briefly mentioned near the end. This will be a much darker story. But Jeff and Felix will have a run-in with a certain couple ;)

Bound Gods #6: Claiming (80% done)
Leo, Kaleb and Aaron's story and it will break your heart. I will put it back together though ;) They will literally go to hell (purgatory) and back. *insert evil author laugh*

Bound Gods #7: The Stone Child (80% done)
Marud and Jessie's story. Marud is a god that appeared in Bound Gods #5 Crocuta Crocuta. Jessie is a strong-headed 19-year-old doxie who has taken care of himself since he was young. 

Bound Gods #8: Pandora's Heart (25% done)
Pandora and Ishtar's story. Pandora has been a reader favorite and was sent off at the end of Bound Gods #4 Reborn to live with the goddesses. Ishtar is a titan imprisoned there.

Bound Gods #10 (10% done)
Jinx and Ira are an underage god and doxie. This story is still in the planning stage.

These next three Bound Gods will be published at the same time because they all occur in the same timeline. There will be some crossing over when the characters from each story have to interact with each other. You should be able to read these three in any order you want. 

Sicarii (80% done)
This is a contemporary story about Marcel, a brutal assassin. But it is not about him finding love. He manipulates two people, Ben and Jacob, who are intertwined with his life. There is also a 14-year-old boy named Sam who lives next door to Marcel. His is a coming of age story (there is no romance element to his part of the story)

I really like Marcel...but he is exhausting to write. 

Sins of the Father (5% done)
Dorian and Mitch's story.
Dorian is an ex-catholic priest. His father was in the mafia and ripped off another family. The family came looking the stolen item and found Dorian and exacted revenge on him.
Mitch is an ex-police officer but quit when people found out he ran a BDSM club. He now acts as a police consultant on sex crimes.

Monday, September 4, 2017

What people are saying about WILD...

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all the encouraging words about WILD and for helping me get the word out. Thank you for leaving reviews on amazon and goodreads and suggesting it to your friends. It is the best way to help support all of your favorite authors.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about WILD down in the comments.

What people are saying about WILD.

ByLmLon September 4, 2017
Verified Purchase
What an adventure this book turned out to be. I was enthralled from the first chapter....

5* Superb Writing
BySilkeeeeeeReadson September 3, 2017
Verified Purchase
What a story. Loved the characters. It seems Adrienne Wilder just has a gift of creating characters that I think I can't live without....

5* Very good !!!
ByDoll Peuleon September 3, 2017
Verified Purchase
I love to read WILD very much. This story is suspenseful, full of action, sexy and romantic

5* I'm wild about this story!
Bynrevvyon September 1, 2017
What an incredible story this was! I was gripped from the first paragraphs and then completely riveted, reading until the wee hours to finish it.

4* Recommended read.
Byjudith stokeron September 3, 2017
Well, the opening scene certainly packs a punch.This is an extremely well thought out story and executed well.It's edge of the seat stuff, these days I'm finding a lot of books I read have a certain predictably about them.....well, not here.

Friday, September 1, 2017

WILD has been released into the ...wild! See what I did there?

Wild released today! *wipes brow* Hope you guys love Keegan and August as much as I do.
kindle copy:

First review on Amazon:
5 stars
"What an incredible story this was! I was gripped from the first paragraphs and then completely riveted, reading until the wee hours to finish it. ..." -By nrevvy

There is going to be a Wild Book Tour in the near future. There will be chances for you to win books from my backlist and maybe learn a few things about the fact that my dog is a fart volcano.  I'll get details to you as soon as I have them.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Read chapter one of Wild by Adrienne Wilder now!

"Snow, black ash, shredded wads of metal. ..." 

You can read chapter one of Wild now!

Release day Sept 1, 2017
You still have one day left to pre order. Pre ordering helps me out with release day rankings. If you can't pre order then just sharing the pre order link will help me out.
Thank you for all your support!