Thursday, August 19, 2021

Adrienne Wilder's Surprise Birthday Event tomorrow (but not really a surprise, but that sounds more exciting)

If you are subscribed to Adrienne's newsletter, then check your email for all the details! And grab any of the graphics I made for the event tomorrow.

If you aren't a subscriber... uh, you've missed some awesome Anubis excerpts and pictures of cute dogs.

But I'm (MinionS) asking his fans to share their favorite Adrienne Wilder book/series on your social media for his birthday on August 20 (that's tomorrow). 
Include a sentence about why you love the book/series, and/or a link to your review, a favorite quote from the book, amazon link.

Tell him happy birthday and tag him so he can feel the love!
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Here are some Instagram and Twitter/FB images
If you don't see something you want, email me and I'll make it for you!