Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Review: The Claiming (Bound Gods Book 6) from Sinfully Gay Romance Books

Great review of The Claiming (Bound Gods Book 6) from Sinfully Gay Romance Books
4.5 stars

 "I think Adrienne Wilder did his best to emotionally destroy his readers with this book. One thing after another, each worse and, as forewarned, ending on a cliff-hanger. The running storyline has held my interest through six books and doesn't show any signs of slowing. With all the betrayal, the hints of danger to come from men, monsters, gods and the universe I'm not sure how much more intense this series can get, but I'm buckled in and ready." -Debra from Sinfully Gay Romance Books

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The first two pages of The Doxie Diaries webcomic is up on the Bound Gods Patreon!

Are you a Bound Gods fan? Would you like to learn more about the characters and lore?

Head over to the Bound Gods Patreon page. Character profiles along with drawings are free to see.

The webcomic The Doxie Diaries has two pages up already with a new page every week.

Here is page one...find the uncensored version on Patreon.

Friday, April 20, 2018

People in France are wild about WILD

Wild made it to #1 in all literature on Amazon France.
I don't need to tell you how exciting and humbling this is.
Thank you to everyone who has bought WILD.
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This is Adrienne's assistant: Remember the best way to help Adrienne is to leave a review!
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Monday, April 16, 2018

New Release: Bound Gods Book Seven: Purgatory by Adrienne Wilder

Get ready to meet Taurus as well as other inhabitants of Purgatory. Remember, this is the second book in a three-part story and includes Books 6, 7, 8. Purgatory also includes Caleb's continuing sad as it is...
Bound Gods Book Seven: Purgatory
by Adrienne Wilder
April 16, 2018
This is a part of an ongoing series and not a stand-alone book. Reading these books out of order isn’t advised.


Purgatory is where gods go to die, imprisoned for their violent crimes, sentenced to never see the light of day again. Trapped within the stone catacombs are impossible, dangerous, barely human gods.

Gods of legend.

And with the potent ambrosia Aaron produces, those gods might soon walk free. If they do, blood will rain and hell will be unleashed.


Trigger Warning: This product contains nuts.

Oh, and it’s the second-half of a three-part installment and ends on a ditchhanger.

Or maybe even a gullyhanger.

But definitely, nothing nerve wrenching enough to qualify as a cliffhanger.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Wild has been relased in French

August Vallory possédait tout : une carrière de mannequin, un homme qu’il aimait et une famille étendue qu’il s’était construite au sein de sa profession. Puis le monde tel qu’il le connaissait lui a été arraché, lorsque l’avion dans lequel il se trouvait s’est crashé alors qu’il était en route pour un photo-shooting. Perdu dans l’étendue sauvage de l’Alaska, August n’a pas la moindre chance.

Aucun homme sain d’esprit ne choisirait de vivre sur ces terres, à moins d’avoir quelque chose à cacher.

Et Keegan Brooks renferme des secrets plus sombres que la nuit, plus dangereux que les loups, plus brutaux qu’un hiver en Alaska. Chaque jour est un combat pour sa vie, jusqu’à ce qu’il tombe sur un avion écrasé avec un seul survivant : August.

Désormais, ce n’est plus seulement la vie de Keegan qui vacille pour sa survie.

C’est aussi son cœur.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adrienne Wilder's Patreon rewards/tiers have been updated.

Just to let you know if you join my Patreon this month with a 1+ dollar per month pledge (and again you don't have to do that in order to see most of the art, some of the comics, even some juicy pictures), you will be entered into a give away at the end of July for a $50 gift certificate.

For people who remain patrons at the six-month mark (by the birthdate of the site, not your join date), I have plans for a larger giveaway. If I can acquire 200 paying patrons or more by August, I will do 2 giveaways at the six month period.

Each dollar you pledge will put you in the pot. $1=1 entry $2=two. The six-month prizes will be worth a minimum of $50. As pledges grow, so do your rewards. When I set up tiers there will be certain tiers that will default for goodie bags, gift certificates, art, and more to go out ever two months. Once again this is completely voluntary. And I plan on keeping a fair amount free for you to enjoy whether or not you're a paying patron.

If you can't pledge at this time there will still be content you can see!
And you can still help me by spreading the word about my Patreon. The more people who join, the more content and rewards I can offer!

Monday, April 9, 2018

More Patreon news and a big thank you.

I posted this news on my FB wall and wanted to make sure everyone saw it.
Thank you to those who have made pledges to my page. I wanted to let you know that I changed the pledges from "per creation" to per month (giving me unlimited creations ability and NOT charge you per creation). For those who were worried about paying per creation, no worries. It's now one buck a month. HOWEVER, this is completely VOLUNTARY! At this time, no one needs to pay anything for content. I will eventually have patreon only tiers, but not yet. 

The first chapter of the Doxie Diaries will be free. So...if you want to pledge I thank you so very much for your generosity. If you don't want to pledge I still THANK YOU so much for your generosity in reading my books and telling your friends!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Join my Boundgods Patreon

I have opened my Patreon. Right now it is free to see. Below is what I posted on my Facebook page about it.

I have pretty much secured an artist for the Doxie Diaries.
What's that, you say?
Oh, my sweet summer child you are in for some fun. This will be the lighthearted giggly side of Bound Gods but down and dirty with a lot of very curious, very troublesome, very, very hot Doxies.

This will be a Patreon exclusive comic and eventually, a graphic novel will run on the same line. And this will be a comic that YOU the reader get to have fun with. The first few of these comic strips will be free. This is so you can try it out with no commitment. The Patreon page should be up and running by Monday. Content will begin to trickle in over the week. There will be an index of terms and characters. If there is ANY QUESTIONS or terms you want to know about, contact me and ASK. I will add the information to the list. There are some possible (very minor) spoilers in the index. Mostly character history and abilities that you've yet to read about.

If I manage to acquire 100 paying patrons by June the Bound Gods graphic novel will start. Why am I charing for this and what will you get? I have commissioned a very, very, VERY gifted artist. He is BEYOND good and somewhere into the realm of supernatural. However, he isn't cheap. Two pages a month will run about 500 dollars. This is NOT including what I will be paying the artist for the Doxie Diaries. All content will be adult, and the plan is for steamy to napalm. I mean if you've read the books you have an idea just how hot things are going to get. Over the course of the year, I will also do giveaways of an assortment of items, from swag to'll just have to wait and see.

I want to make patrons a part of this process. Tell me what you'd like to see and I will try to make it happen!