Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adrienne Wilder's Patreon rewards/tiers have been updated.

Just to let you know if you join my Patreon this month with a 1+ dollar per month pledge (and again you don't have to do that in order to see most of the art, some of the comics, even some juicy pictures), you will be entered into a give away at the end of July for a $50 gift certificate.

For people who remain patrons at the six-month mark (by the birthdate of the site, not your join date), I have plans for a larger giveaway. If I can acquire 200 paying patrons or more by August, I will do 2 giveaways at the six month period.

Each dollar you pledge will put you in the pot. $1=1 entry $2=two. The six-month prizes will be worth a minimum of $50. As pledges grow, so do your rewards. When I set up tiers there will be certain tiers that will default for goodie bags, gift certificates, art, and more to go out ever two months. Once again this is completely voluntary. And I plan on keeping a fair amount free for you to enjoy whether or not you're a paying patron.

If you can't pledge at this time there will still be content you can see!
And you can still help me by spreading the word about my Patreon. The more people who join, the more content and rewards I can offer!

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