Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Nox book 2 news!

My patrons and newsletter subscribers already got this information and I want to share it with you too!

The second Nox book is already at 95K words. I'm thinking it will top at 120K. That's just my first draft...so it will be a while before it releases. Maybe March 2021 (affected by revision/edit)

The series is called Wolves Incarnate. Book two will be called Anubis (Wolves Incarnate #2 ). It's looking like there will be four books in the series.

Below is the first excerpt (unedited) I've shared from Anubis. Poor, poor Reese (lol). I will share a longer excerpt involving Luca and Nox in my Dec 7 newsletter (patrons get it sooner).

Poor, poor Reese!


*names of things may change or be cut out since it’s unedited.


Reese poked at the chicken on the plate. His stomach threatened to retaliate. He picked up the plate. “I’m not going to eat this, and Kary said Jonathan should eat.”

Charles stood.

“Here, you can take this out to—”

“Do it yourself.” The man whisked past Reese and out the back.


Muffled voices came from upstairs. Movement shuffled in the other room. Jonathan’s shadow remained on the porch.

“Fine, I’ll do it myself.” Reese would just make sure to drop it on the nearest piece of furniture and make a run for it. He stood and carried the plate out to the front porch. Jonathan leaned against a post with his eyes closed. The two rocking chairs and a small table had been flattened into a pile of lumber.

Damn it. Reese inched closer and held up the plate. “Kary made you a plate of food.”

Jonathan opened his eyes. “She made that plate for you, not me.”


Jonathan narrowed a look at Reese.

“Okay, she made the plate for me but I’m not going to eat it, so I figured it was better not to waste it, so I brought it out here.”

“Thanks.” Jonathan took a step and Reese almost dropped the plate. “Sorry, you startled me.” More like scared the shit out of him.

Jonathan kept enough space between them he had to stretch his arm out to reach the plate. He took it and Reese retreated to the safety of the doorway.

“Just so you know, I scheduled two planes. You’ll ride with Nash and the Cana. I’ll ride with the others.” He took a bite of the chicken.

“Are you sending us to a different location?”

Jonathan swallowed. “No. We’re all going to the same place.”

“Then why two planes?”

“Because you can’t get within fifty feet of me without almost passing out.”

Reese wished he could argue.

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Did you preorder a print copy of ITAOL and/or BTLOD? There has been a SNAFU with the form!!


I, MinionS, deleted the order form...
please fill it out again if you would like a print copy of In the Absence of Light and/or By the Light of Dawn to help fund the audiobook of ITAOL. 

If you order them from me, I will include artwork of Morgan and Grant. If you don't want print copies you can buy just the artwork. Shipping is included for the US. International people will need to pay for shipping. My experience has been around $24 for shipping.

You won't be charged until I get ready to order the books. You will be sent a Paypal invoice at that time.

*The artwork can be ordered after the form is closed...contact me (or Sharon) and once you pay it will be sent out to you!

If you are in the $12 tier (or the old $7 tier) you do not have to order a copy of BTLOD or the artwork. You will be getting it along with your copy of Sicarii soon. Check Patreon for more details :)

*If you are a lower tier patron you get your discount
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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Love Under the Mistletoe- Christmas Fantasy Romances

Love Under the Mistletoe- Christmas Fantasy Romances

This is for fantasy (aka PNR and urban fantasy) romances that are enrolled in KindleUnlimited that are winter holiday themed. There will be steamy romances in this promo, so if you're not okay to share steam with your newsletter readers, this is probably NOT a good fit. Be sure to share as often as possible in your newsletter and via social media, not just on your initial share date so we get maximum exposure during this busy book season!