Monday, June 24, 2019

Nox Audiobook narrator: Kirt Graves

The Nox audiobook will be released Sept 10, 2019, by Tantor Media. The narrator will be Kirt Graves!

Kirt Graves
Kirt Graves is an audiobook narrator best known for his work in the MM romance genre. His first audiobook (TJ Klune's Wolfsong) was featured as one of Audible's Five-Star Faves in 2016. A tenor by training, Kirt easily moves between characters of any age, genre, gender, or ethnic background. In addition to his work as an audiobook narrator, Kirt is a graphic artist, a podcast host, and an award-winning speech coach.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cover reveal for Jack L. Pyke's book Breakdown (Don't Book 3)

Cover reveal for Jack L. Pyke's book Breakdown (Don't Book 3)
Tentative Release date: June 28th
Cover art by Adrienne Wilder
"I've got my new cover art for Breakdown, Don't Book 3... I think I'm in love this one! It's a young Jack Harrison, when he's at his most chaotic, just breaking down and all ash & embers... death &... Martin."
-Jack L Pyke

“Who’s been whispering to you, Jack?” ~ Doctor Halliday.

Jack Harrison has the evidence there in his hands—the DVD and notepad off D.C. Sanders that proves Gray supposedly played a part in tearing him and Jan brutally apart. But with Jack locked away in his own mind and lost to his blackouts and self-harming in the Masters’ Circle’s psychiatric unit, the past brings to light the origins of a new beast, one who only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide—a psychopath who has perhaps tasted and tested Gray to the full. All Jack has to do is remember how… and why. More to the point—why does one part of him know Gray’s signature mark as an interrogation’s officer? And why is there such a serious sadistic kick in hiding the memory?"

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Visual Timeline of the Bound Gods Books

Bound Gods Timeline

A reader suggested I do this (thank you) to help give a visual as to where you are time-wise with each book. I will include this in future books and insert them into the paperbacks. I'll put them in the ebooks but I'm not sure they will show up because Amazon flips to the first chapter. I'm going to put out 11 and 12 together to hopefully avoid any wait time and or more confusion/frustration ;).

Monday, June 3, 2019

A world of dark pleasure...and darker secrets. The Chimera (Bound Gods 1)

Bewitching Book Tours is doing a two-day blast for The Chimera. I would appreciate any shares! I want to increase the sales of the Bound Gods series so I can keep writing more!
The Chimera (Bound Gods Book 1)
by Adrienne Wilder
Genre: MM Erotic PNR/Dark Urban Fantasy
March 27, 2016
Number of pages: 165
Word Count: 46K
Cover Artist: Adrienne Wilder
Kaleb Holten’s father’s debt to an underground group The Association has just been called in, and the man can’t pay the loan. Instead of turning over his wealth, he releases his son and Kaleb finds himself thrown into a world where a class of men see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.

After the Great Economic Collapse there are no laws that cannot be broken. And Kaleb is forced into a ten-year sentence of servitude where he will have no say, no rights, no value and yet be coveted and protected as if he were a priceless treasure.

Leo Roan, has slipped the noose the Association bound him with by breaking his addiction to ambrosia and Kaleb Holten was supposed to be his last assignment as a doxie Master. But something about the boy begins weaving a new net that will not only ensnare him but the conscious darkness inside, that craves pain, agony, suffering, and death.

Available at Amazon
Bound Gods Series
The Chimera (Book 1)
Chained (Book 2)
Betrayed (Book 3)
Reborn (Book 4)
Crocuta Crocuta (Book 5)
The Claiming (Book 6)
Taurus (Books 7)
God of Monsters (Book 8)
The Stone God (Book 9)
Pandora's Heart (Book 10)
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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pandora's Heart: Bound Gods Book 10 had released! GIVEAWAY

The next book in the MM erotic dark urban fantasy Bound Gods has released!
Read about Pandora's epic love story and how he and Ishtar will change...everything.

Pandora's Heart is now available! Free on KU

Bound Gods: Pandora's Heart: Book 10
by Adrienne Wilder
June 1, 2019
366 pages
Her Highest Honor has one last chance to save her son.
A creature who could rain destruction down on the world.
A beast all gods fear.
A Titan.
And all she needs is a god who is not a god.
A god who loves as a Doxie.
A god with a heart of fire.
It's the kind of story legends are made from.
There's only one problem.
It's all a lie.

Haven't started the Bound Gods series yet? Pick up book one The Chimera.


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