Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cover reveal for Jack L. Pyke's book Breakdown (Don't Book 3)

Cover reveal for Jack L. Pyke's book Breakdown (Don't Book 3)
Tentative Release date: June 28th
Cover art by Adrienne Wilder
"I've got my new cover art for Breakdown, Don't Book 3... I think I'm in love this one! It's a young Jack Harrison, when he's at his most chaotic, just breaking down and all ash & embers... death &... Martin."
-Jack L Pyke

“Who’s been whispering to you, Jack?” ~ Doctor Halliday.

Jack Harrison has the evidence there in his hands—the DVD and notepad off D.C. Sanders that proves Gray supposedly played a part in tearing him and Jan brutally apart. But with Jack locked away in his own mind and lost to his blackouts and self-harming in the Masters’ Circle’s psychiatric unit, the past brings to light the origins of a new beast, one who only comes out to play when Jack needs to hide—a psychopath who has perhaps tasted and tested Gray to the full. All Jack has to do is remember how… and why. More to the point—why does one part of him know Gray’s signature mark as an interrogation’s officer? And why is there such a serious sadistic kick in hiding the memory?"

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