Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bound Gods t-shirts for sale

I have ten of these shirts on order. XL and 3XL (I figured too big was better than too small). Anyhow, if anyone is interested they will be 27.00 each. You can reserve one on this order. If I get enough I will do a second order after I have made sure these arrive as described 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Bound Gods graphic novel update

I have had a time trying to find an artist for the Bound Gods graphic novel. I have an excellent artist, Inochihime, for my Doxie Diaries: Jinx and Ira: Bitter Sweet, but I wanted a different style for Bound Gods. So, for now, I am going to do the comic pages.

The first four pages are up on Pateron. They are intro pages giving the reader a taste of what the world is like after the Collapse. Here is part of page four. Whose car is that leaving the protected area? Where are they going? If you've read Bound Gods Book One: Chimera then you know!

Page four of Jinx and Ira: Bitter Sweet is up (it seven panels long). Jinx has broken into someone's apartment...he's in for a surprise!

Here is a breakdown of my Patreon tiers and what you can get:
$1 or more per month
Ouiums are the often unappreciated mortal caretakers in the Bound Gods world. But they are exceedingly important, because the little things they do keep everything going. 
***Early Access and Full Access--Doxie Diaries, Written works.
Some racy art from the Bound Gods graphic novel. After four weeks you will receive access to the Bound Gods scripted version including NSFW content.
***PDF of any trading card or book mark (you can print these as you choose).
$3 or more per month
Loyalist are the first line of defense for the god they pledge to. They are his eyes, ears, and often the defender of their homes. Thanks to Loyalists, gods are able to keep tabs on the world without exposure via the information that Loyalists bring to him.
***Immediate access: Everything on the 1.00 tier, 
 *Scripted* Bound Gods comic including NSFW content.
 NSFW extra art, and no wait for access to Bound Gods. 
PDF of completed chapters for the Doxie Diaries. 
Trading card 6x per year
$5 or more per month
Men born with a survival's edge and often abilities that border on the supernatural. Many have survived impossible situations that no normal man could have. Gods are immortal, but the price for that immortality is addiction to ambrosia.
***All comic access and written stories.
***EXTRA scenes not in the original book or scripted comics. 
***Sketches/toss out scenes.
***Early teasers from to-be-printed material. 
***PDF of the Doxie Diaries comic. 
*** Trading cards, book marks, and or other flat envelope rewards 6x a year.
$7 or more per month
Men born with the ability to take ambrosia and then reproduce it. Doxies are highly coveted. So much so, they are considered objects to be owned. They are guarded, protected, and trained to meet the needs of the god they serve. They are the god's greatest treasure.
***All above tier rewards, plus PDF of the Bound Gods Comic.
***Trading Cards 6x a year
*** Other gifts, but not limited to, pens, key chains and other items that can fit into a larger envelope. These will be sent out 2x a year.

If you can't afford to join Patreon, don't worry. The Doxie Diaries will eventually be free on a webcomic hosting site.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Bitter Sweet: Jinx and Ira Webcomic

Made something for the Bound Gods side story webcomic. Share around if you know someone who might enjoy a little naughty fun!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Introducing Inochihime: Doxie Diaires artist

The young godling Jinx
I wanted to introduce you guys to the artist I hired to do the Doxie Diaries: Jinx and Ira: Bittersweet comic. She goes by Inochihime. Here is where you can find her online and check out her work.

We are only a couple of pages away from seeing the innocent Doxie Ira. So head over to my Patreon page for early access to comic pages. Eventually, they will be up for free on some of the webcomic sites.

I have also hired an artist to do the artwork for Bound Gods Book 1: The Chimera and Wild! And they are already working on it. I will have details about the artist up soon.

Thanks for all your support! Don't worry I am still writing :)