Sunday, July 1, 2018

Introducing Inochihime: Doxie Diaires artist

The young godling Jinx
I wanted to introduce you guys to the artist I hired to do the Doxie Diaries: Jinx and Ira: Bittersweet comic. She goes by Inochihime. Here is where you can find her online and check out her work.

We are only a couple of pages away from seeing the innocent Doxie Ira. So head over to my Patreon page for early access to comic pages. Eventually, they will be up for free on some of the webcomic sites.

I have also hired an artist to do the artwork for Bound Gods Book 1: The Chimera and Wild! And they are already working on it. I will have details about the artist up soon.

Thanks for all your support! Don't worry I am still writing :)

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