Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Very Chimera Christmas mini-comic

I am currently creating a 20 page-ish comic about that time the Doxies decorated the Chimera like a Christmas tree and Kaleb pays the price ;) I'm on page 11 now and things are about to get Bound Gods raunchy. I'm using this comic as a chance to practice and come up with a style I'm comfortable with. It is currently only on Patreon. The $1 reward gets censored pages as they go up (two pages a week). Everyone above that reward gets the NSFW pages.

Once the comic is done and if it gets good feedback I will bind it into a print copy for sale.

Page 4 has been turned into a postcard that all Patrons will be getting in the mail. It has also been turned into cards w/envelopes and will be sold in packs of 5 for $8 (shipping included)! Patrons will get first shot at buying them. The rest will be offered to people in my FB group.

I only have 10 packs of 5 cards. If you think you are going to want some let me know and if there is enough interest I'll order more.

Thanks for all your support:)
The notecards won't have the hearts. They aren't covering up anything graphic, just a butt, and a tiny cage. You can see an uncensored version in my FB group :)

Sunday, November 18, 2018

K.C. Well's Six Year Celebration Facebook Party!

A two-day EXTRAVAGANZA! Join KC Wells and nearly FORTY MM AUTHORS who will be dropping by to help her celebrate SIX YEARS as a published author. Join us for a chat about their latest releases, and for the chance to win in our giveaways.

Adrienne will be there Nov 27 between 6:30pm-7pm

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Cover Reveal: Bound Gods: Pandora’s Heart Book #10 By Adrienne Wilder

Cover artist: Adrienne Wilder
Bound Gods: Pandora’s Heart Book #10
By Adrienne Wilder
Release: Late spring 2019
Her Highest Honor has one last chance to save her son.

A creature who could rain destruction down on the world.

A beast all gods fear.

A Titan.

And all she needs is a god who is not a god.

A god who loves as a Doxie.

A god with a heart of fire.

It's the kind of story legends are made from.

There's only one problem.

It's all a lie.

This series is best enjoyed when read in order. Grab Bound Gods: The Chimera Book #1

The Bound Gods Series
Throughout history, there have been people who have survived the impossible.

Individuals with abilities that border on the paranormal. People who see themselves as untouchable. Going so far as to call themselves gods.

To gain immortality, they consume ambrosia.

But the older the god, the more ambrosia they need.

And no god can stop taking it once they've had it on their tongue.

In order to meet their need, they must use the bodies of young men, Doxies, who

are born with the ability to produce the nectar once they take the flower.

A honey made richer with pain and fear.

Doxies have no rights.

But they are not slaves. 

They are objects to be owned.

They are guarded, protected. 

They are the god's greatest treasure.

About the Author:
Georgia born and bred, I am an artist, a writer, and a general pain in the ass.

I spend most of my days working on my next book or designing cover art for other writers. For stress relief, I do Olympic lifting and occasionally run (but hate it). I have been in love with writing since I was very young but it wasn't until recently that I decided to pursue it as a profession.

I have experimented in several genres and found that since I identify as male, male romance has been the most comfortable for me to write. I don't discriminate in my books. All characters are fair game. I do, however, prefer a happy ending at some level.

I don't write the standard romance book. Some might even argue that what I write isn't romance at all. Personally, I think of them as love stories, where even in a fantastical world, there are realistic outcomes to the obstacles the characters face.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Chimera plushie interest?

Okay, gang (I also posted this over in my FB group)

I think I found a manufacturer that's willing to do smaller samples. I'll probably have to do a partial Kickstarter to prepay for the items so that I will have less out of pocket costs. I am going to get together a prototype with the correct fabric and colors to make it easier on them to get it right.

If I do a kick starter cost per item will be 25.00. If you buy two, 20.00 each.
Shipping not included, but I may be able to do a fixed amount if they will fit in a flat rate box or envelope. They will be squishy so it's possible. :)

20.00 is literal at cost plus shipping to me.

If you wait till after the Kickstarter they will be 30.00 each.
For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you do not give up any money unless I reach the desired goal.

Let me know who's interested so I can see if it's worth setting up.

Thank you :)