Monday, November 12, 2018

Chimera plushie interest?

Okay, gang (I also posted this over in my FB group)

I think I found a manufacturer that's willing to do smaller samples. I'll probably have to do a partial Kickstarter to prepay for the items so that I will have less out of pocket costs. I am going to get together a prototype with the correct fabric and colors to make it easier on them to get it right.

If I do a kick starter cost per item will be 25.00. If you buy two, 20.00 each.
Shipping not included, but I may be able to do a fixed amount if they will fit in a flat rate box or envelope. They will be squishy so it's possible. :)

20.00 is literal at cost plus shipping to me.

If you wait till after the Kickstarter they will be 30.00 each.
For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you do not give up any money unless I reach the desired goal.

Let me know who's interested so I can see if it's worth setting up.

Thank you :)

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