Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Very Chimera Christmas mini-comic

I am currently creating a 20 page-ish comic about that time the Doxies decorated the Chimera like a Christmas tree and Kaleb pays the price ;) I'm on page 11 now and things are about to get Bound Gods raunchy. I'm using this comic as a chance to practice and come up with a style I'm comfortable with. It is currently only on Patreon. The $1 reward gets censored pages as they go up (two pages a week). Everyone above that reward gets the NSFW pages.

Once the comic is done and if it gets good feedback I will bind it into a print copy for sale.

Page 4 has been turned into a postcard that all Patrons will be getting in the mail. It has also been turned into cards w/envelopes and will be sold in packs of 5 for $8 (shipping included)! Patrons will get first shot at buying them. The rest will be offered to people in my FB group.

I only have 10 packs of 5 cards. If you think you are going to want some let me know and if there is enough interest I'll order more.

Thanks for all your support:)
The notecards won't have the hearts. They aren't covering up anything graphic, just a butt, and a tiny cage. You can see an uncensored version in my FB group :)

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