Friday, June 29, 2018

Graphic Novel updates: Bound Gods

This is minion Sharon. Adrienne and Pello stopped by to discuss cool things happening on the Patreon. An artist has been hired for the Bound Gods graphic novel! More details will be coming. Pages for the Doxie Diaries story Jinx and Ira are already posting. And an Alton origin story is posting. I am Team Alton...fight me!

Pello is a lap dog.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Future Bound Gods T-shirt and merchandise designs...

I am designing t-shirts, tote bags, key chains and other stuff for my Bound Gods patrons as rewards. Some things might 
be available for non-patrons to purchase.

Here is what my design team came up with (my design team is me, my assistant, an author friend, and possible may have been involved and lots of inappropriate jokes.)

This one is for the bravest of my fans...

Depending on interest there might be some merchandise for some of my other books at some point.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Good news and the Bound Gods graphic novel

Hey! Adrienne's assistant here. Adrienne posted this over on the Bound Gods Patreon page. A lot of great stuff a Bound Gods graphic novel!! Can you imagine the artwork? *fans self* 
I want to let you there is enough membership now for me to put up at least two pages a month because I am doing my best to meet pledges dollar for dollar. The guy I am interviewing for the Bound Gods comic is very stoked. I just have to make sure he can pull off the character drawings as this seems to be the hardest for EVERYONE I have interviewed (over the past year) for this project. He's also very, very excited to do as many pages as possible---I told him careful what he wishes for. This means, if he gets the job, every penny on Patreon will go to him to keep him busy. I'd love, love, LOVE to see 4+ pages a month. I'd love to see enough, on the first annual birthday of this page, to put to bed the first full graphic novel to send out to patrons.

You have given so much, and I am overwhelmed by how generous you have been. I'm hoping it won't be too much to ask for you to spread the word. That, in my experience, has been the GREATEST way to get a project out, book or comic, where people can see it. There are folks out there who are not big novel readers (Shocking, I know) but they love yaoi comics or comics in general and would never know this is here without you. See, Patreon hides any page with adult content. You do NOT come up on searches, you do NOT come up on direct lookups with the name of the page or author. The Bound Gods site is basically in the proverbial basement behind a locked door with some big scary chick (chick, cause man, have you ever seen a woman fight, they're terrifying) guarding the door. And she has nine-inch steel razor nails and is looking to break one off in your face. Yup, that's how hidden we are. My only way to get things out is by hitting social media and screaming at the top of my lungs--and I am bad at that--really bad. Plus, when you toot your own horn, people tend to ignore it. Unless you fart, you fart and EVERYONE notices. Anyhow, if you take 1 minute out of your day, to post two links to this site, tell them what you love, what you hate, what you hope to see in the future, I'd be eternally grateful.

Also, $5 Amazon Gift cards go out at the end of this month. If I don't have your email PLEASE send it to me so my assistant can collect your address and we can get stuff out promptly to you. I will also be doing a T-shirt design and Logo. I'm gonna start with two different ones and put up variations of those logos for you to look at and vote on. The T-shirts will be a reward for higher tier Patrons in the future, all other Patrons can purchase one at a discount as well as those who just pass through. I will also have magnets, key chains, and if you have a suggestion for something else, let me know. These will go out to other tiers. Basically, everyone will get something.

So again, wave your Bound Gods banner (maybe I should make some of those little team flags) and tell the world about what they're missing.

More naughtiness on its way, so please stand by. But don't fart, farting never wins friends. Just ask my dog.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Doxie Diaries: Ira and Jinx in Bitter Sweet webcomic has started! Plus some WILD news.

I've got some new things going on over on my Patreon. The Doxie Diaries webcomic has started. The first story Doxie Diaries: Ira and Jinx in Bitter Sweet is about a young godling named Jinx. He hasn't taken any ambrosia yet and lives outside of the protected areas. His special skills are opening any mechanical lock, great a climbing (think extream parkour), unshakable balance and can land on his feet unhurt from any height. Ira is a young Doxie who has never had ambrosia either. He was hidden from the association outside of the protected area and has spent the last two years in a locked room.
There will be humor, angst and lots of smut...this is a Bound Gods story after all. The first page up on my Patreon and available to everyone for free. Page two can only be accessed by paying patrons for now. Eventually, each page will be free (but censored), patrons will always be many pages ahead and uncensored.

There will also be short stories. A Slice of The Past Story: The Death of Trust part 1 is up for paying patrons. This one is about Alton's past.

Coming up
I am interviewing artists for a Wild graphic novel. I've seen some awesome artwork and hope to hire someone soon and then show you some samples.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

So my werewolf story...

So my werewolf story, not the Nox one, but the one that kinda leached into that story and I said that it belongs on its own? Yeah, I don't blame you I hardly remember too.

Anyhow, I wrote some notes on it then put it away because I never could find "the thing" know, that plot point that connects everything and makes the entire story cohesive, that very important detail that creates the glue for all the world building? Well, today I found it...and I'm really excited about it. Hopefully, it's original. I've never read anything with this take on wolf shifters, but then I don't read a whole heck of a lot of them.

I guess when it comes out, you guys can tell me if I did something new...or just reinvented an existing technique.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bound Gods #9: The Stone God release day!

Meet Marud. If you are a fan of Leo and Kaleb, you will also love Marud and Jessie.
Marud is a god of legend.

He has destroyed empires, erased entire civilizations, crushed armies of millions.
No man, woman, or child is safe from his wrath.
No god or monster.
He is an unstoppable force.
A god who kneels to no one.

At least until Jessie Collins became a part of his life

This book is an "end for now". The timeline begins before book 6 and ends after book 8. It will meet up with the timeline of those books in books 10. The Stone God contains lots of side information that occurred in books 6-8 that only make sense when applied to this particular story. But it will also help you understand some of the motives of certain characters in those past books as well.
Again, this isn't the final story. You're just getting a different perspective of that downward spiral into hell. As well as a lot of information that you will need to understand the next installment.

Trigger warning: About 100 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin D.
Side effects may include, sore jaw, sitting crooked, not sitting at all, pain when swallowing, back pain, knee pain, muscle cramps, sleepiness, staying up all night reading, and disturbing thoughts. Use care when operating battery-powered devices.
Proceed with caution.
And a lot of lubricant.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Update on the Bound Gods series...

Stone God (Bound Gods #9)
is with the last beta reader and the ARCs have already gone out. You are going to love Marud and Jessie like you love Leo and Kaleb.

Doxie Diaries postcards
I've sent out the postcards to all my paying patrons. I have some left. If you would like a signed postcard, send me an S.A.S.E. You can email me to get my address. Make sure you send an envelope that can hold a 6x4 postcard. International postage ~$1

I'm not saying I enjoy gutting my reader's feels, but I got to admit these kinds of reviews make me smile.

Dani over at Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews had this to say, about Bound Gods #6, 7, 8

You know what? I’m not even going to get up in arms with outrage. I’m not going to do it. I’m not! Because it’s not true, it’s NOT true. It can’t be true so I’m going to act like those last few pages didn’t happen and just go right into how amazing this author is. -Dani
rating – 4.5 stars

So my thoughts while reading Purgatory alternated between, “oh God poor Kaleb” “I miss Leo” “Oooh Kaleb…” “I could probably handle a Chimera” “Oh my Goodness, I don’t think I can handle a Chimera” “A cow/bull man doesn’t sound half bad.” “Damn Aaron, get it” “God, I love Taurus” “Skin the color of stone….sounds hot…I could get down with that” “What are you thinking Sonny?” “What’s wrong with you Sonny?” “Sonny, seriously get it the f*ck together!” And that’s basically all I can tell you about that. -Dani
rating – 4.5 stars

Ummm…ok. This may be the most hurt I’ve ever been after reading an Adrienne Wilder story. Eh, scratch that…My Brother’s Keeper f’d me up for months afterwards. But…but…Adrienne…why, why, why…?!?!!? So, needless to say what I wanted to happen didn’t happen. So, now I am again the poor pathetic soul I didn’t want to be….waiting…waiting…waiting…! Damn, it’s hard to love this author so friggin much. I kind of love it and hate it too. Guess that means I’m a Doxie…go figure… -Dani
rating - 4.5 stars