Sunday, February 28, 2021

Newsletter news

I posted this information in the FB group. But here is some news.

I contacted the Feb newsletter winner (Audrey Stewart) but haven't heard back. Check your spam or contact me here!
Adrienne made these one-of-a-kind bookplates. 
The Feb winner gets their choice and a print book (ebook if international)

The March newsletter will come out on March 2-ish. There will be a new giveaway. 
The password to the giveaway page on Adrienne's website will be in the newsletter.

A new game is on the FUN and GAMES hidden page on Adrienne's website. You can access it by finding the red square somewhere on the website. Last month it was on the Sicarii page. It is on a new page now. 
Newsletter subscribers will be told what page it is on!
Here is a link to the last game. It is an awesome matching game where you can learn behind-the-scenes info on each book! 

Anubis update will be in the March newsletter

Subscribe to Adrienne's newsletter so you can play and win!

Any questions or suggestions for the newsletter or the FB group feel free to ask here or privately.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

February Newsletter Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the February Newsletter giveaway is  Audrey Stewart! 

There will be a new giveaway for March. To enter you need to subscribe to Adrienne's newsletter! It will have the password to access the GIVEAWAY tab on Adrienne's author website.

Thanks for all your support!