Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I've got Doxie dolls! and a Bound God t-shirt

Not too long ago I posted about a secret project

I can FINALLY show you my super fun secret. Look what I've got. Real Doxies. And yes, they are anatomically correct and we are in the process of designing cock cages and butt plugs. HA!

If you have been waiting for a reason to join my patreon...here is a good one.

I have two, and once I finish decking them out they will go up for raffle prizes on my Patreon page. Anyone who has been a patron from June 1st to the date of the drawing (probably around September) will be eligible. All paying patrons will be entered. Your pledge amount dictates how many times you are put into the pot :) I hope to make this a regular prize for patrons on the Bound Gods Patreon website. :)

I plan on selling these. I'm working on getting the best price possible for you guys. More details coming soon.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

What's up: Postcards, Bound Gods #9, new social media accounts

-I got the first patron postcards in! Everyone who is a paying patron (any amount) as of June 1, 2018, will receive a signed postcard in the mail. I will be collecting addresses over on Patreon soon. All content is still free to anyone who visits my Patreon page but sometime in June I will introduce paid tiers too.

-A new page in the Doxie Diaries went up! It is NSFW!!!

-I am also working on some Bound Gods t-shirt to sell. I hope to get them at a very reasonable price so stay tuned!

-I got in trouble from my assistant for having a Pinterest account and not telling her...so now the link in the sidebar <G>. I post a lot of drawing tutorials but there are other surprises there too. I found a picture of what Keegan from WILD would look like if he was real!

*Sharon here*
There is an Instagram account too! It has pictures of drawing practice.
*gives Adrienne side-eye glare*

-Bound Gods #9 should release June 1, 2018. I'm still deciding on the title...The Stone Child or The Stone God. Here is the cover right now.
-I am working on Book #10 right now. Not sure when it will be done. But I am going to be giving more attention to my art. I am still trying to find an artist to help me with a graphic novel of WILD. I am happy with the artist I have hired for the Doxie Diaries and you should be seeing much more of that soon.

-That's about it for now. Subscribe by email to get all my website updates in your mailbox (link in sidebar). If you are a paying Patron, you will automatically get those updates. Otherwise, you have to got visit the site to see what's been posted :)

Monday, May 21, 2018

How I know I'm doing things right... a review of The Claiming (Bound Gods #6)

All authors want the same thing. Make their readers feel things. We want you to feel: joy, sadness, anger, lust, suspense, hate, grief, love, angst. All 31 flavors of feels. And we want to get as many of those feels as we can into each book.
"For this scene, I think I'll make a banana split. One "banana", a scoop of love, a scoop of lust and a scoop of tenderness. Then once the reader is all happy and satisfied, I'll throw a scoop of angst, a scoop of hate, the reader's heart into a blender and hit puree!"

Jacque (reviews with The Jeep Diva blog) has been a long-time fan of my books. And she appreciates a lot of Doxie "loving" in the Bound Gods series.

So when her review was shown to me I couldn't have been happier.

Here are a few snippets. She did a good job of not giving away any spoilers:

I finished reading The Claiming last night and had to give myself a cooling off period before writing my review because WHAT THE...ARGH! How could you Adrienne?! How. Could. You.
...I laughed myself silly, got ready to get raunched on and, now that I finished the book, am desperately looking for matches.

Highs, lows, the freaks, and shockers. There was no putting this book down. 

Betrayal. You call that betrayal?! That is - JEEBUS! - I don’t know what to call it! I screamed, cried, chucked my Kindle and cursed out the author! Again Adrienne, how could you! Just when I don’t think I could be any more shocked, you go and slip that humdinger in. Angry sobbing here.
Flames: 5 - Because Doxies don't get safewords.
My work is done here... *laughs to self cause she is getting ready to read books 7 & 8 and has no idea what's coming ;)* 
all images are CC0 from https://pixy.org/1454835/

Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Doxie Diaries webcomic has a cover!

The artist I'm working with caught the flirty Doxie personality for the cover. Head over to the Bound Gods Patreon page to see the whole cover. Access is still free for everyone.

Monday, May 7, 2018

New Release: God of Monsters: Bound God #8 is now on amazon!

God of Monsters: Bound God #8 is now on amazon!
only $2.99

Bound Gods: God of Monsters
by Adrienne Wilder
May 7, 2018
There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Doxie, and at the same time, there is nothing more fragile.
And when it breaks?
The shards cut deep, and the wound never heals.
Just when you thought the betrayal couldn’t go any deeper, it reaches all the way to Purgatory.

Warning: The ending of this installment is HFN but abrupt. And this timeline will not pick up until Bound Gods 10 which is where all the storylines merge for the final apocalyptic battle for the survival of the Doxies.

Secret project...

I've been coming up with ideas for Patreon rewards. I'll have the basics like trading cards, early access to comic pages, NSFW art. But I wanted something truly special and one of a kind for Patrons who stick around for a long time.

I took my assistant and friend, Sharon, shopping for secret project supplies! Here are a few teaser pictures from our shopping trip.

What is Sharon holding?

Pello was not as thrilled with the trip until we stopped at Moe's for lunch.

Head over to the Bound Gods Patreon page and check out the cover for the Doxie Diaries webcomic.