Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Book Throne: Enter to Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card

Enter to Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card. For your chance to win, please follow our authors on their social media platforms. 

You can enter by following Adrienne on Goodreads and Amazon! 
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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Help fund In the Absence of Light audiobook - Buy signed print copies of ITAOL and BTLOD and get exclusive artwork

I want to turn In the Absence of Light into an audiobook. There are three ways to help!

1. I am selling print copies of In the Absence of Light and By the Light of Dawn.
If you order them from me, I will include artwork of Morgan and Grant. If you don't want print copies you can buy just the artwork. Shipping is included for the US. International people will need to pay for shipping. My experience has been around $24 for shipping.
Here is a nifty form Sharon created to reserve your copy. You won't be charged until I get ready to order the books. You will be sent a Paypal invoice at that time.

I will keep this form open for a few weeks. Once closed you will receive your invoice and I will order the books. If you miss the first book order I will open it again once the first batch has been mailed out.
*The artwork can be ordered after the form is me (or Sharon) and once you pay it will be sent out to you!

If you are in the $12 tier (or the old $7 tier) you do not have to order a copy of BTLOD or the artwork. You will be getting it along with your copy of Sicarii soon. Check Patreon for more details :)

*If you are a lower tier patron you get your discount
Fill out the form and under special instruction let me know you are a patron and what tier you are at and your invoice will reflect your discount.
$1 per month *10% off future printed books
$3 per month *20% off of future printed books
$5 per month *30% off of future printed books
$7 per month *40% off of future printed books
$12 per month (see above)

Scroll to the bottom of the form to give instructions on how you want it signed.

2. Another way you can help fund the audiobook is to order from my Redbubble store. I'll be adding more things.

3. You can also buy this hoodie to cuddle in while you read.
If you can't afford to buy anything right now, but want to help, spread this around. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Release Day: By the Light of Dawn (Morgan and Grant Adventure) by Adrienne Wilder + giveaway

Morgan and Grant's adventure starts today!
Jeff's story (The Darkest Hour) was supposed to be the next book in this series. I've got most of it written but I realized Morgan/Grant's part in their story needed to be told first so Jeff's story would make sense. 
BTLOD was going to be a novella but Morgan and Grant had a lot to say and it turned into a book. I missed Morgan and it was wonderful to write him again.
*There could be more Morgan and Grant sailing adventures in the future too ;)

by Adrienne Wilder
October 15, 2020
By the Light of Dawn
by Adrienne Wilder
October 15, 2020
This is a follow up to the novel In the Absence of Light.

A handmade sailboat helped bring Morgan back to Grant but he never imagined they would put it in the water.

Then Morgan sees something in the light that sets Grant on a mission to get them to the middle of the ocean. An unknown destination they have to be at when the sun rises.

It’s important enough that Morgan is willing to leave Durstrand. Important enough that he’ll face the challenges of his autism. 

So important, it could even be a matter of life and death.

By The Light of Dawn happens at the same time The Darkest Hour (Jeff’s story) takes place and contains mild spoilers as well as teasers. The plot points revealed are the same ones that were revealed at the end of In the Absence of Light.

If you read BTLOD I would appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads!

Giveaway to help spread the word! 
Every share of the release enters you for the gift cards.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

December Steamy Small Town Romance on Kindle Unlimited


Start Date

Books MUST be set in a small town. I will be checking and removing any books that don't. They must be in KU the whole time!