Thursday, May 23, 2019

Patreon Rewards Change

MinionS here:

There has been a change in the way we will handle early release copies of Adrienne's books. I have removed the copy of Pandora's Heart from Patreon because people can join, grab the book, and unjoin.
That is fine for all the content. Feel free to join, read what you want at that level and leave. BUT free/early copies of a book are for loyal patrons. You have to be a patron for at least two months to get access to books. This also keeps pirates from grabbing an early copy.

From now on, I will send eligible patrons a copy via private message.

On a different note...Nox hit #1 for a short while!! 

There is going to be a review/promo book tour for Nox through Gay Book Promotions June 17-21. There will be a print giveaway with it. I'll keep you posted :)

I hate posts without an image so...
Go check out a naughty sketch Adrienne did. You can see it uncensored on Instagram along with some other art.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cover reveal: Psychopaths & Sinners (Don't... Book 5) by Jack L. Pyke

Friend and MM author Jack L. Pyke is re-releasing Psychopaths & Sinners (Don't... Book 5) with new cover art.
Psychopaths & Sinners (Don't... Book 5)
by Jack L. Pyke
RE-RELEASE: MAY 28, 2019
Cover Art: Adrienne Wilder
"Because us? Psychopaths & sinners. We don't need fixing, Gray." ~ Martin

Three bodies, three mutilations, each one with something… unusual inserted into the wounds. The deaths are enough to leave Ash Thomas scrambling around to find someone to trust as the murders hit so close to home and heart.

For Gray Raoul, MI5 director of G-Branch, the deaths offer something else, a fall back into a familiar life where culling serial killers cater to his own darker mindset. But the farther Gray moves away from home, the more he realises serial killer games in the field are nothing compared to who he has locked up back at home. Sometimes walking the fine line between psychopaths and live-in lovers is a far darker game.

For Ash, that might just mean he’s on his own now, facing a killer who has a deadly fascination for pretty young men and dancing Holly Blue butterflies over their skin.

A prequel novella to Psychopaths & Sinners
also releases May 28

Try books 1 & 2
About the Author:
Jack's an author who specialises in BDSM M/M Psychological Thrillers.

With a wicked love for portraying D/s relationships in particular, all added to a psychological thriller edge, kink and mind games go hand in hand here.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Nox as an audiobook!

I'm in the process of signing a contract with Tantor Media for the audiobook rights to Nox! You will soon be able to listen to Nox...can you imagine?!
I'll let you know when I get more details :) If Nox does well and Tantor is interested, I'll release some of my other books as well.

Here is a link to Tantor's LGBT audible list on amazon

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Puppy news!

In about 8 weeks I will be getting a German Shepard puppy to start training as a service dog. Pello is getting a little age on him and will have to retire to couch potato in a few years. I'll be sharing the occasional pictures/videos in my newsletter.

This is just coincidence, but MinionS is getting her empty nest dog (her youngest goes to college this fall). A Standard Poodle from the same breeder I got mine from. The litter is due at the end of May. I'm sure she will share pics too.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sign up for my Newsletter and get an excerpt from The Darkest Hour.

After much crying and headbanging, MinionS set up a newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date with my new releases. There will be an occasional surprise newsletter sent with excerpts, artwork or giveaway.

When you sign up you will receive an excerpt from a current WIP. 
Right now it is an excerpt from The Darkest Hour - Jeff's Story.

click to sign up

You don't have to read In the Absence of Light to enjoy The Darkest Hour.
But consider giving it a try. Of all the characters I've created, Morgan is closest to my heart. I don't think I'll ever write another character like him. But I'll try.

***5.0 out of 5 stars This Book Changed Me***
This is one of the best books I have ever read. It is in my top three of books that had a profound effect on me (I'm still waiting to find that third book). Grant and Morgan's story was beautiful to read. I'm ashamed to say that I almost passed up this story after reading the blurb once I saw that Morgan had autism; however the reviews I read convinced me to give it a try and I'm so very glad I did. - Candy Cane

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Adrienne is drawing mermen on Patreon.

What is this merman doing to get that look on his face? Hmm... if you join Adrienne's Patreon for as little as $1 a month you can see this along with lots of other artwork by Adrienne. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Patreon Anniversary and rewards, Padora's Heart news

This is a long one folks! Lots of info :)

We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary for Patreon, so I am going to jiggle the rewards around some. Mainly because I apparently can't keep track of time and forget to do shit or just get overwhelmed and forget to do shit. I want to make sure you guys are getting rewards worth waiting for even if they're late.
$5 and up tiers
As I put the Bound Gods books into print (and I am one at a time slowly) you will receive these as a reward. I am planning on 1 every 2-3 months, if I get them done quicker, then they will go out quicker.

$7and up tiers
You will get e-copies of any additional new releases (I'm shooting for at least a week before the Amazon release) and a print copy if and when they come out. 

I will try to get Pandora's Heart out in print at the same time I do the ebook. I know I'm bad about doing things on time. I'd give you a long run down excuses but it boils down to being autistic which in turn snowballs other things. If it weren't for Sharon I'd keep nothing together. She's probably the best friend I've had since Lori died twelve years ago. She helps me tons, but she also has a life and can't stay on of me 24/7. But she tries, trust me :) So please bear with me.

$3 and up tiers are getting New Postcards

They have FINALLY arrived. My art of Pandora and Ishtar, plus NSFW art from Yulia (I have been waiting months for) will go out shortly. EDIT: MinionS here. I have them addressed and ready to mail.

I have new Bitter Sweet pages again. 
YAY--apparently they have a kind of mandatory blackout period or something like that where Yulia is and they turn her internet off at random and she has no way to communicate or send stuff. She did warn me that this would happen before I hired her. It seems it's sometimes more often than others but she's getting me extra pages so hopefully, I won't get behind again.
I plan on turning all the current pages of Bitter Sweet comic into print.
$5 and up tiers will get a print copy.

$1and up tiers will receive a PDF of the comic.

This comic will also go on sale on Amazon and my website. So if you know people who want a copy, just let them know. And I'll make some memes you guys can spread around. If you're on any Yaoi facebook pages and art is allowed, please post it if you don't mind.

I am thinking of having some stickers made as well and wanted to know what kind of stickers you guys would like to have? The Chimera?

Anniversary reward for all tiers
Also since it is coming up on a year anniversary I want to do something for EVERYONE including the lower tiers. So I am going to discuss with Sharon about sending a physical reward to every member :) It will be light enough that it should mail cheaply, but be usable too.

And FINALLY--Pandora is off to the second editor. If all goes as planned I should have it out in a week to ten days. I am not gonna put a date on it because I don't want to miss it.

$5 and up tiers will receive a PDF copy before it comes out.
I just ask you one big favor, if you have time and don't mind, please make sure to leave a review as soon as it hits Amazon and on Goodreads at any time. I give up KU free reads when I give away the books (and no I am not complaining just explaining what I mean) so they don't count towards my sales and Amazon doesn't give boost or exposure if you're not getting lots of sales. Again, I do not mind giving this up because you guys do so much more. 

If you don't mind, please talk about the book to your friends, enemies, the weird guy standing in line at wall-mart at 2am wearing bunny slippers and bootie shorts. I don't care if you hate it, still talk about it. Tell people why you love/hated it. It's just important that word gets around its out. Bound Gods is one of those series people read, but don't want to admit it. I quite literally get a tiny, tiny, tiny number of reviews in comparison to how many books I've sold over the years. And without reviews, I don't get seen on Amazon. Without sales, well, I've had series die a quick death because of it. Series that I love to write, and love the characters. Sadly, I'm not wealthy enough to write books just for the hell of it. Maybe one day (because I seriously have some fucked up stories I'd like to do that I am 99% sure most my audience wouldn't touch), but that is not today. I do not see this happening with Bound Gods because so many of you DO talk about it and I thank you for that with ALLLLLLL my heart.

Anyhow, that's my new update and thank you so much for supporting me on Patreon which helps a ton during skinny months and makes it possible for me to do the Bitter Sweet comics as well as my own drawing (which helps when I have blocks).

MinionS here: I'm going to set up a newsletter for Adrienne! If I can figure that shit out. When you sign up you will get the first chapter of Jeff's story!!! The Darkest Hour. 
*Goes to figure shit out*