Thursday, May 23, 2019

Patreon Rewards Change

MinionS here:

There has been a change in the way we will handle early release copies of Adrienne's books. I have removed the copy of Pandora's Heart from Patreon because people can join, grab the book, and unjoin.
That is fine for all the content. Feel free to join, read what you want at that level and leave. BUT free/early copies of a book are for loyal patrons. You have to be a patron for at least two months to get access to books. This also keeps pirates from grabbing an early copy.

From now on, I will send eligible patrons a copy via private message.

On a different note...Nox hit #1 for a short while!! 

There is going to be a review/promo book tour for Nox through Gay Book Promotions June 17-21. There will be a print giveaway with it. I'll keep you posted :)

I hate posts without an image so...
Go check out a naughty sketch Adrienne did. You can see it uncensored on Instagram along with some other art.

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