Monday, June 18, 2018

Doxie Diaries: Ira and Jinx in Bitter Sweet webcomic has started! Plus some WILD news.

I've got some new things going on over on my Patreon. The Doxie Diaries webcomic has started. The first story Doxie Diaries: Ira and Jinx in Bitter Sweet is about a young godling named Jinx. He hasn't taken any ambrosia yet and lives outside of the protected areas. His special skills are opening any mechanical lock, great a climbing (think extream parkour), unshakable balance and can land on his feet unhurt from any height. Ira is a young Doxie who has never had ambrosia either. He was hidden from the association outside of the protected area and has spent the last two years in a locked room.
There will be humor, angst and lots of smut...this is a Bound Gods story after all. The first page up on my Patreon and available to everyone for free. Page two can only be accessed by paying patrons for now. Eventually, each page will be free (but censored), patrons will always be many pages ahead and uncensored.

There will also be short stories. A Slice of The Past Story: The Death of Trust part 1 is up for paying patrons. This one is about Alton's past.

Coming up
I am interviewing artists for a Wild graphic novel. I've seen some awesome artwork and hope to hire someone soon and then show you some samples.

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