Thursday, August 19, 2021

Adrienne Wilder's Surprise Birthday Event tomorrow (but not really a surprise, but that sounds more exciting)

If you are subscribed to Adrienne's newsletter, then check your email for all the details! And grab any of the graphics I made for the event tomorrow.

If you aren't a subscriber... uh, you've missed some awesome Anubis excerpts and pictures of cute dogs.

But I'm (MinionS) asking his fans to share their favorite Adrienne Wilder book/series on your social media for his birthday on August 20 (that's tomorrow). 
Include a sentence about why you love the book/series, and/or a link to your review, a favorite quote from the book, amazon link.

Tell him happy birthday and tag him so he can feel the love!
Twitter: @Adrienne_Wilder
Instagram: @authoradriennewilder
FB: Adrienne Wilder

Here are some Instagram and Twitter/FB images
If you don't see something you want, email me and I'll make it for you!


  1. when is Anubis coming out really looking forward to it!!, Love this series!!

    1. Hey, this is MinonS. It is written and he is doing should get to me for editing soon. I'll post here when I get it :)