Monday, February 13, 2017

Find Adrienne Wilder on Wattpad!

I have joined Wattpad (free story platform) in hopes of introducing more readers to my books. Currently, I am posting To Adam With Love, one chapter a week.
I will also be posting large excerpts from some of my books as well.
You can follow me and get a notification anytime I post there.

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  1. Mrs Adrienne Thank you very much for the wattpad site, I LOVEEEEEEEE the gray Zone Novels I've waiting Kept a long time, I love all the caracters really I love the kin males, really... I wanna know what's happen with Liam and Jacob, I have the chance read in the absence of the light in spanish En la Ausencia de la Luz, I've cried too much, almost like in Worth, I wish you a sucessfully future cause your books are my favorite fantasy ever, greeting from Venezuela, peace and Love

    1. Thank you so much for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed the book! If you don't mind, would you email me at, I had a couple of questions I'd like to ask thank you!

    2. Hi adrienne when will be out 13 part two? Please

  2. I have 13 done except the ending. It is giving me fits. Between that and dealing with some health issues it's been a difficult road to get done. I've rewritten the ending several times and I'm just not satisfied with it. I had hoped to have it done by the end of Feb and here it is April. I want this book done more than anyone else, I promise. I am trying my best, I'm just stuck right now and the only thing I can do is wait.