Sunday, July 14, 2019

Bound Gods: Bitter Sweet graphic novel is now on Webtoons for free.

Good news! The Bound Gods spin-off (*BL) graphic novel, Bitter Sweet, my patrons are enjoying can now be read for free on Webtoons. 
Bitter Sweet posts once a week. Pages one and two are already up on webtoon. The pages will be censored but you won't miss any story elements. 
If you join my patron they are 28 pages ahead and uncensored. You also will see two other mini-comics (NSFW) along with other art and bonus material from the Bound Gods book series.
*BL (Boys Love)
**BL** Gods walk among us. Men born with gifts, some of which border on supernatural. When they take ambrosia they become immortal. But the flower is addictive, and the bloom is very slow to grow. Doxies produce ambrosia in their bodies once they consume the flower. These beautiful men, serve the gods. They have no rights, yet are the gods' greatest treasure. Jinx has lived on the streets all his life. He never imagined he'd see a Doxie in the flesh.  Let alone have his heart stolen by one.

Every follow on webtoon helps the comic do well. You can also "like" each page to help.

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