Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Excerpt: Bound Gods book #6: Marud

When you're forced to face just how vicious your anti-hero is.
Unedited excerpt from Marud.

*Azazel said something to the men he was with before coming back on the line. “I have to ask Alton, how well do you know this Marud person?”

“Well enough, why?”

“Because it looks like these people were torn apart.”

They probably were.

“We found three bodies in the stair well, one of the had been skinned. Hern says it had been done while the man was alive.”

“If that’s the worst Marud did, be grateful.”

“Cerberus said something about him being indestructible. Please tell me he was exaggerating.”

Alton walked into his private quarters and gathered the documents he’d taken from the library. “I wish I could.”

“Fuck. Is he even human?”

“He’s a god, so yes.”

“If I hadn’t seen the carnage for myself, I would have never believed there could be anything more brutal than the Chimera.”

Alton nodded even though the man couldn't see him. “Just be glad Marud wasn’t angry when he took out those men.”

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