Sunday, December 10, 2017

Unedited Teaser from BOUND GODS - Marud

Marud (Bound Gods 6) will be the next book released. Here is a little teaser (unedited).

A small part of Marud had worried the years of abuse might have damaged that part of Jessie. But after this morning Marud knew that was not the case. Jessie was as much of a Doxie as any high-bred boy from Alton's stalls. In some ways, he was more. 
Come for me, Master. 
Yeah, he was so much more. What Doxie could order a god to surrender? What Doxie would? Jessie had only been with Marud days, and already it felt like he'd been at Marud's side for years. Marud might have prepared for the day he would no longer be there for Jessie, but the boy would suffer.And the god was sure, if anything happened to Jessie, he would not be able to live. Not because of the loss of the nectar Jessie made, but because Marud's honor would be broken and the shards would bleed him faster than the knife that once slit his throat. He would keep going though. Only it wouldn't be ambrosia carrying Marud into the future, it would be his rage.